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Why Babywearing

It’s good for baby:

  • Motor Development:

    Newborns are accustomed to an environment where they are snug, and warm, they feed on demand, their bodily functions are regulated and they are in constant contact with the mother’s bodily functions such as heartbeat and breathing. Wearing your baby, replicates this environment. It is calming to the baby who instead of fretting, can put energy into growth and learning. It helps the baby’s newly independent body to continue to function optimally and effortlessly. There is an additional benefit in that you are in constant contact with your baby while wearing him or her, and always know that your baby is well. You know the baby is breathing, you know if the baby is hot, or cold, and you know how often the baby is sleeping or eating, or if the baby seems frightened. You are certain of your baby’s well being and are right there to see to every need.

  • Emotional Development:

    Babies want to be held. Babies that are held cry less. Human biological evolution is a slow process and has not caught up with the social evolution away from hands on parenting. Now we have many devices and tricks to occupy and satisfy babies so that we don’t have to hold them. However, babies thrive with constant human contact.

    Being able to hear our heartbeats, and look up into our faces is not only comforting and familiar to babies, but lets them know they are safe. A held baby doesn’t have to worry. The sensation of being wrapped up is reminiscent of being in the womb, and very comfortable for babies. That combined with the heartbeat, and rhythmic motion of the care giver’s movements will put most newborns right to sleep.

  • Cognitive Development:

    Being wrapped against us puts babies right where the action is. Babies can see what we see, and are constantly learning. Ada sees how I check out library books with a library card, pull weeds up by the roots, put the full trash bag in our big trash can, tie my shoes and crack open eggs and beat them to turn out her scrambled eggs. Every minute she is wrapped onto me, I am doing something that she is learning from.

    People talk more to babies who are up at our eye level. We don’t go anywhere that Ada is not engaged in conversation by strangers. You will also find it much easier yourself to talk to the baby who is wrapped against you (front or back) rather than one who is in the stroller in front of you and facing away from you! Throughout our shopping trips, social visits, and walks around the neighborhood, Ada and I keep up a conversation. We can also point things out to each other. I will point out a squirrel and then leave the sidewalk so we can get a closer look (try navigating roots and grass, or jumping a curb in a stroller). She will point out birds flying overhead, and punctuate her discover with a firm “Da!” Her view is unobstructed.

    All of this interaction in the adult world stimulates babies’ understanding of the world. Babies are learning a lot about language from all of this conversation, a lot about society and behavior and human interaction from watching us go about each day.

You’re going to carry them anyway:

Count up how many minutes you spend holding and carrying your baby daily. For newborns the number may be higher while for toddlers the minutes may seem longer (what is this kid eating?!). For either one the answer is likely “a lot.”

So why not wrap them on, save your arms and back (no more thrusting hip), get some work done, and make a fashion statement too! With a little practice you will find that you can make your baby’s weight disappear.

Free up your hands for chores and other children:

While wearing your baby you can have your hands free to:

  • push and load a shopping cart (in a back carry, it is easy to bend over and lug gallons of water onto the cart)
  • hold older kids hands crossing the street
  • enjoy the zoo without losing track of your toddler
  • actually wash dishes
  • pick up, vacuum, dust, scrub, make beds
  • paint your front door (please don’t use any toxic or even smelly materials around your baby unless you are in a very well ventilated area–use good judgement)
  • pull weeds
  • fix lunches
  • pet your cat
  • wash cloth diapers
  • hold and comfort your big kids
  • homeschool or help kids with schoolwork
  • brush your teeth

two kids


    Discrete, hands-free nursing is easy:

    discrete nursingBreastmilk is one of the best things you can give your baby, and nursing is a wonderful way to bond with your baby. But new babies, and even some old babies, nurse a lot! How to give your babies everything they deserve and still run a household?

    Nursing in a wrap or a mei tai is easy, can be hands-free, and can be done in public with none the wiser!

    To find out how to nurse hands free, see wrap front carries and mei tai front carries.

    It’s sooo much easier than a stroller:

    Consider trying to navigate a stroller around:

    • a crowded airport–with two suitcases and a diaperbag, no less!
    • a parking lot improvised out of an uneven field of grass/dirt
    • the Renaissance Fair
    • onto, into, and out of public transportation
    • a small, cramped store
    • stairs
    • the beach

    Beach WrappingNow Consider each of the above with your baby wrapped onto your front or back, hands free to shop, carry bags, pay fees, pick up shells, etc. Wrapped together, the two of you are about as big as a pregnant woman, and at least as mobile, with none of the aches or swelling!

    Additionally, there are some places that just won’t allow strollers. You might have to leave your stroller outside of a petting zoo, for example, carry your child in increasingly weary arms, and just hope the stroller and its contents are there when you get back to the door! Why bother?

    Great for cuddling:

    cuddlingWearing your baby on the front puts her right where you can cover her with hugs and kisses! Babywearing is great for bonding, as the two of you can gaze into each other’s eyes to your heart’s content.


    bright wrapIt’s fun:

    You will be the envy of your girlfriends.

    You will attract the amazed stares of strangers.

    You will have a gorgeous accessory to brighten up your typical post-partum outfit of sweat pants and a t-shirt, and to better show off your latest, greatest accessory–that cutie in the wrap!


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