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Storchenwiege Baby Carriers

Famously supportive, durable and supple!

Beautiful Inka Storchenwiege Wrap Colorful Anna Storchenwiege Wrap
Inka Storchenwiege             Anna Storchenwiege

 Girly Striped Ulli Storchenwiege Wrap Fiery Albert Storchenwiege Wrap
       Ulli Storchenwiege            Albert Storchenwiege    

Blue-Green Johannes I Storchenwiege Wrap Sunny Gold Vicky Storchenwiege Wrap 
Johannes I Storchenwiege         Vicky Storchenwiege  

Leo Marine Storchenwiege Wrap   Breezy Leo Turkis Storchenwiege Wrap
Leo Marine
Leo Turquoise

  Rosy Leo Rouge Storchenwiege Wrap  Storchenwiege Leo Natural
Leo Rouge
Leo Natural

Summery Louise Apricot Storchenwiege Wrap

Bio Louise Apricot

Apple Green Louis Grun Storchenwiege Wrap   Mediterranean Blue Louise Turkis Storchenwiege Wrap
Bio Louise Grun
Bio Louise Turkis


2 new colors from Storchenwiege:

New Pretty Striped Lilly Storchenwiege Wrap                      Lovely Green Leo Grun Storchenwiege Wrap
        Lilly Storchenwiege            Leo Grun Storchenwiege   

Storchenwiege now offers three organic wraps: the Bio Louise line.  The organic wraps are in beautiful summery colors of Apricot, Apple Green, and the Light Blue of the Mediterranean.  All three are made from 100% organic cotton and are Oeko-Tex certified.  

All other Storchenwiege wraps are made of 100% cotton and are Oeko-Tex certified--a certification which involves stringent testing for harmful chemicals.  

These wraps are woven with double cotton thread in both directions to ensure a very strong and supportive product.  The weave allows for the perfect touch of diagonal stretch, to embrace the baby while staying safely in place.  The wraps are preshrunk to avoid shrinking after purchase.

Storchs have tapered ends for easier knot-tying and smaller knots.  

Each Storchenwiege carrier comes with a detailed instruction booklet with great tips for getting a good wrap job.

Storchenwiege wraps are manufactured in Germany by a family business that is renowned for their quality and attention to detail.  Storchenwiege wraps were born to fill a grandmother's picky needs for her grandbabies: allowing more independence for parents than a stroller, better for the baby than a harness carrier, a wraparound carrier that was durable, soft and ecologically sound.

Storchenwiege is a very ethical company and does its part to take care of the planet while taking care of babies!




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