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What Carries Can I Do With a Woven Wrap
that is around 2.7 meters (size 2)?


These are all the carries Oana can do with a 2.7 meter wrap, also known as a Size 2, or a REBOZO.

Click here to see what carries Oana can do with other wrap sizes.

If you are a different size, click here to see other mamas modeling the different wrap sizes.

Oana is 5'6 and wears US size 20.  She uses a 5.1 meter wrap as a full length wrap (we judge her full length wrap as the shortest length that she can comfortably use to do a Front Wrap Cross Carry).  If you can do a FWCC with a 5.1 meter wrap, you may find that you can do these carries with a 2.7  meter wrap or Rebozo:

Rebozo Hip Carry with Oana in 2.7 meter woven wrap

If the rebozo carry looks familiar, it is probably because this is the carry that the ring sling was modeled after.  A single pass goes over one shoulder, across your back, and under your opposite arm to tie in front and make a loop in which you place your baby.  Sarah has tied a slip knot so that she can easily adjust the wrap to tighten or loosen individual strands along the width of the wrap--just as you can with the rings of a ring sling!

With a newborn or infant, the baby will be high and centered on your chest as in this carry: heart 2 heart.  With an older baby, it becomes a hip carry.

Rucksack TUB with a rebozo length woven wrap shortie



A short Rucksack variation that can be done with a short wrap is the Rucksack Tied Under Bottom (TUB) or RUB.  As long as you have a good seat under your baby and the wrap is securely tightened, this provides a fast and secure carry that is also cool for Summer weather.


Rucksack Tied at Shoulder with a woven wrap shortie (rebozo length)




Rucksack Tied at Shoulder

This Rucksack variation is one with one long end, and one short end.  The long end comes under your arm, straight across behind both of baby's knees, under the opposite arm, and ties to the short end at your shoulder.

 Short Back Cross Carry with a size 2 woven wrap (2.7 meter rebozo)




Short Back Cross Carry

A back carry that crosses between baby's legs just like a Front Cross Carry...but on the back!

Reinforced Rucksack Tied at Shoulder with rebozo 2.7 meter woven wrap


Reinforced Rear
Rebozo Rucksack

A reinforced Rucksack is a Rucksack with the cross behind baby's legs spread over baby's back.  In this case, Oana is tying at the shoulder as described above, and there is only one pass behind baby's legs, so it is that pass which is spread across baby's back and bottom before coming under her left arm to tie in front of her left shoulder.


Thank you to Oana, above, for modeling!

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and my family would love to have your business :)




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