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Rucksack Carry with a Woven Wrap
and Tibetan variation

Rucksack Back Carry with a woven wrap

On this page:

  • VIDEO: Infant Rucksack with variations
  • VIDEO: Quick & Easy Toddler Rucksack
  • PHOTO TUTORIAL: Instructions for tying this carry using a woven wrap
  • PHOTO TUTORIAL: Instructions for tying this carry with the Tibetan tie variation

 Quick and easy Rucksack Back Carry with a toddler:

Rucksack step 1 Step 1. Place the center of the wrap at the center of baby’s back. Bring the wrap around both sides of baby and hold together in front of baby’s chest in your right hand.
Step 2. Guide baby with your left hand on baby’s torso, lift baby with your right hand, and place baby on your right shoulder. Rucksack step 2
Rucksack step 3 Step 3. Baby is now perched on your back over your right shoulder.
Step 4. Bend over so that your back makes a table that baby is lying on. Take the left end of the wrap in your left hand so that each hand has one end, and carefully bring the left end over your head to your left shoulder. Remember that you are supporting baby by your hold on the wrap, so don’t let go! Rucksack step 4
Rucksack step 5 Step 5. Make sure your hand is on baby, to keep baby from sliding off your back. Stretch the wrap across baby’s back from armpit to knees, or in the case of a younger baby, from shoulders to knees.
Step 6. Hold the left end of the wrap between your knees, and bring the right end down under your armpit and behind baby. Rucksack step 6
Rucksack step 7 Step 7. Bring the cloth over baby’s right leg behind the knee, then cross under baby’s left leg.
Step 8. Now that this end of the wrap is pinched under baby’s leg, it should stay tight. If it is not secure, tuck it between your knees as before.
Bring the long (left) end under your left armpit, over baby’s left leg, and under baby’s right leg. Now there is a cross under baby’s bottom.
Rucksack step 8
Rucksack step 9 Step 9. To tighten the whole wrap, take one end in each hand, jump slightly to bounce baby’s weight off the wrap, and simultaneously pull both ends tight.
Step 10. Tie in front. Rucksack step 10

Rucksack CarryRucksack back view

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The Tibetan Variation


Tibetan Carry

Tibetan Carry--threading the straps For the tibetan variation, follow all of the rucksack instructions until you tie the knot, instead of tying at waist, bring the right end up and thread it through the left arm strap.
Now thread the left end through the right arm strap. Tibetan Carry--threading the straps
Tibetan Carry--tying the knot

Good–now give it all one last tightening tug, and tie together in the middle.

What Now?
  1. Get a quality woven wrap, if you don't already have one.
  2. Use the free DVD or the tutorials and videos on this website to get wrapped up.
  3. Find help and support through the Wrap Your Baby community on Facebook, or your local babywearing group.

Email me with any questions!



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