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Pocket Wrap Cross Carry

Pocket Wrap Cross Carry

Stretchy wraps are usually pre-tied and woven wraps are most often wrapped around baby.

I am pre-tying this wrap. You can also tie around baby as shown in the Front Wrap Cross Carry instructions.

This wrap method is great for newborns or toddlers, and superb for discrete nursing!

Pocket Wrap Cross Carry, step 1 Step 1. Center the middle of the wrap at your stomach.
Step 2. Bring the wrap around your sides and cross in the back. Pocket Wrap Cross Carry, step 2
Pocket Wrap Cross Carry, step 3 Step 3. Bring each end over the opposite shoulder to hang in front.
Step 4. Bring the hanging ends through (under) the horizontal wrap. This wrap will be the outer pocket.
If you prefer to wrap around baby instead of pre-tying (recommended with a woven wrap), lift baby up now, pull the pocket up over baby’s back, and continue to follow these instructions with baby under wrap and both crosses.
Pocket Wrap Cross Carry, step 4
Pocket Wrap Cross Carry, step 5 Step 5. Cross the two hanging pieces under the wrap. These will end up over and under baby’s legs just like in the Front Wrap Cross Carry.
Step 6. Bring the ends around to your back to tie. This wrap is very long so I have wrapped around my waist another time before tying. Pocket Wrap Cross Carry, step 6
Pocket Wrap Cross Carry, step 7 Step 7. Now you are ready to insert baby! Lift baby up to your shoulder.
Step 8. Insert baby’s left leg under the cross on your right side. Pocket Wrap Cross Carry, step 8
Pocket Wrap Cross Carry, step 9 Step 9. Insert baby’s right leg under the cross on your left side.
Step 10. Spread the inner cross (in this case the one coming over my left shoulder) from baby’s right knee to left armpit. For a smaller baby, or when you want baby’s arms inside, spread from knee to over their shoulder. Pocket Wrap Cross Carry, step 10
Pocket Wrap Cross Carry, step 11 Step 11. Spread the outer cross from baby’s left knee to right armpit (or shoulder).
Step 12. The pocket has been under baby until now. Bring the pocket over baby’s legs, with baby’s legs coming out the bottom. For a newborn, you can leave baby’s legs inside. Pocket Wrap Cross Carry, step 12
Pocket Wrap Cross Carry, step 13 Step 13. Spread the pocket all the way up to baby’s armpits (big baby) or to the back of baby’s head (small or sleeping baby). For head support, the pocket can come over baby’s head.
Pocket Wrap Cross Carry, back view Pocket Wrap Cross Carry, front view Ready to go!

Get started wrapping with your own beautiful baby wrap carrier

Pocket Wrap Cross Carry Tips

This tie is identical to the Front Wrap Cross Carry, but the wrap is on the outside rather than underneath the crosses. Experiment to see which works best for you.

This wrap method is great for discrete nursing. No one will be able to see what is going on under that pocket and you can pull the pocket up as high as needed. Nurse in this wrap by leaning baby to the side baby will nurse on, or untie the knot, lower baby sufficiently to reach the breast, and retie the knot. Some mothers find it easiest to lift one of baby’s legs out of the cross to the other side, so that both of baby’s legs are on one side of the cross and baby is in more of a cradle position, nursing on the opposite side. The pocket or wrap should still completely support baby, though a bigger baby’s legs may be hanging out one side. This cradle method may be the easiest method for bigger busted mamas. When done nursing, bring baby upright, and insert leg back through the cross. Any of these methods should be hands free and mama should be able to walk while nursing.

When not nursing, have baby positioned high on your chest (you should be able to kiss baby’s forehead) and tight against you. Baby should not be leaning away from you. The closer and higher baby is, the less weight you will feel on your shoulders and back.

If the wrap feels looser or baby feels lower after several minutes of wearing baby, untie the knot, pull on the ends to tighten the whole wrap job, and retie with baby positioned correctly and comfortably. You should only have to do this once. If you are having to tighten often, and you are using a stretchy wrap, baby may be too big for this kind of wrap. Try a woven wrap which has much more support for bigger kids.

As with all wrapping, keep the wrap smooth and flat against you and baby in all places. Anywhere that the fabric twists is a potential pressure point.

Position the fabric over your shoulders comfortably so that it does not dig into your neck or shoulders. You can spread the fabric down over your shoulders if desired, or bunch it up or fold it up on your shoulder for greater ease of motion. Folding onto shoulder is more likely to be comfortable than bunching. Spread the fabric flat over your arm, and fold the excess up onto your shoulder flatly. Fold more than once if needed until it is all on top of your shoulder.

For newborns who may not be ready to have their legs out, try crossing baby’s legs in front of them indian style, or froggied in front of them or under them.

You can use this same pre-tie to wear a newborn in the cradle position by lowering baby into the inner cross, pulling the outer cross around baby’s body as well, and then pulling up the pocket for complete support and security. Make sure the wrap is under and around baby so that baby cannot fall out.

This is a poppable carry, meaning that you can pop baby in and out of it without taking it off or re-tying (great for running errands or when baby is in an up and down phase). I recommend tying around baby with a woven wrap, so that the wrap will be the correct tightness. After tying baby on, you should be able to remove and reinsert baby as needed. To remove baby, pull the pocket down under baby’s bottom. Then pull each of the crosses down under baby’s bottom. You should be able to easily lift baby up and out. Shoes may get caught on the crosses or wrap but you can easily disengage them. If you will be driving without removing the wrap, you may want to tie the knot on your side instead of back so that it is not uncomfortable to sit against. The knot can also be tied in the front under baby’s bottom, if it has already come around to your back, and is wrapping around your waist a second time.




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