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How to Wrap a Newborn Baby
3 woven wrap carries for newborns & infants

Newborn wrap carries for woven wraps.

3 basic safety tips for wrapping your newborn baby:

Position Newborn Baby Upright in the Wrap with Chin Up and Face Clear

  1. Keep airway clear by positioning your baby with his or her chin up (never curled down to the chest) so that your baby's airway remains open.  Your wrap should be snug so baby can't sink, lean, curl or change position.
  2. Fully support your newborn's spine in its naturally rounded position with hips and legs tucked (like a deep squat) and not spread wider than baby's pelvis.   Baby's bottom should be lower than his or her knees, which helps keep the healthy rounded curve of baby's spine. 
  3. Wrap your newborn high on your chest in an upright position. Your baby's face should always be visible. Use the top edge of the wrap to support your baby's head without covering that sweet face.

Front Wrap Cross Carry for newborn wrapping in a woven

#1: Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC):

  • provides perfect support for a newborn.
  • is perfect for a beginner to learn how to tighten and adjust your wrap.
  • is a great nursing wrap carry for breastfeeding moms.
  • supportive carry for newborn through toddler.

You need a full length wrap for Front Wrap Cross Carry.  That is a size 6 for most moms.

Sunshine Rainbow Girasol (shown in the photo) is the perfect wrap for a new wrapper and a newborn baby.  It is soft brand new, and easy to work with.

Front Wrap Cross Carry is demonstrated below with a 2 week old baby in a size 6 wrap:


Kangaroo Carry with a Newborn in Natibaby Snowflake Wrap

#2: Kangaroo Carry:

  • perfectly supports newborn's naturally curved spine.
  • allows for best hip and leg positioning with no bulky wrap crossing under baby's legs or between you.
  • can be done with a shorter wrap.
  • is a cooler, single layer carry for Summer.

Use a wrap 3 sizes smaller than your base size for this carry - size 3 or 4 for most moms.  Only for woven wraps - do not use a stretchy wrap.

Natibaby Winter in cotton/wool is a super soft wrap for a newborn that is both warm in the winter and surprisingly breathable in the Summer because the natural fiber allows sweat to evaporate to keep you cooler. 

 Kangaroo Carry is demonstrated below with an 11 week old baby in a size 6 wrap:

#3: Front Double Hammock Carry (FDHC):

  • provides beautiful support for newborn spine and hips.
  • has no cross under or between tiny newborn legs allows optimum positioning.
  • is great for skin to skin benefits while keeping you fully covered.
  • is perfect for errands because you can pop baby in and out of it without retying.

Use your full length (base size) wrap for Front Double Hammock - size 6 for most moms, and only do this carry with a woven wrap, not stretchy.

Rainbow Easycare wraps, such as the one in the video, are soft enough for a newborn and easy for a beginner to manipulate easily when learning to wrap.

Front Double Hammock Carry demonstrated below with an 11 week old baby in a size 6 wrap:

Here's where you can get a comfortable,
supportive woven wrap baby carrier.



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