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Neobulle Baby Carriers

SORRY - we no longer carry Neobulle wraps.  Storchenwiege wraps are similar in weight and support with an array of gorgeous colors and organic options!

Vibrant Lilli Neobulle Wrap Blue and Brown Simon Neobulle Wrap
 Lili Neobulle                   Simon Neobulle

 Vivid Pink Margot Neobulle Wrap Classy striped Lou Neobulle Wrap
     Margot Neobulle             Lou Neobulle    

Cool Blue Louis Neobulle Wrap Beautiful Manon Grise Neobulle 
         Louis Neobulle        Manon Grise Neobulle

Eye-popping Manon Rouge Neobulle Wrap Fiery Martin Neobulle Wrap
Manon Rouge Neobulle     Martin Neobulle  

Natural Noe Neobulle Wrap   Neobulle Julie
     No Neobulle                Julie Neobulle

3 New Solid Colored Neobulle Wraps:
Bleu Marine Neobulle   Rouge Framboise Neobulle   Vert Anis Neobulle
Bleu Marine
Rouge Framboise
Vert Anis
Organic Neobulle Selection:
Sophisticated Ardoise Neobulle Wrap  Earthy Taupe Neobulle Wrap  Natural Neobulle Lin
   Organic                 Organic                  Organic
Ardoise Neobulle   Taupe Neobulle       Lin Neobulle

Neobulle offers three organic wraps: the Ardoise, Taupe, and Lin.  All three are made from 100% organic cotton and are Oeko-Tex certified.  They are even softer than the regular Neobulle wraps.  

All other Neobulle wraps are made of 100% cotton and are Oeko-Tex certified--a certification which involves stringent testing for harmful chemicals.  

They are sturdy, yet supple, and become super soft after washing, drying, and wear.  Like many wraps, they just get better with time!

Neobulle wraps carry your baby or child in a position that is pleasing and comfortable to both child and parent, on the parent's front, hip, or back, as preferred, and they are as perfect for newborns as they are appropriate for preschool kids!  

The quality and weaving of the Neobulle wrap are superb and as a result, your child's weight seems to disappear when you wear him or her in one of these gorgeous, soft carriers that allow you to keep your child safe and happy while you get about your business!

Contrasting rails (that is to say that one edge of the wrap is a different color from the opposite side) on each Neobulle, excepting only the organics which are monotone, help keep you and your wrap straight while wrapping so that you can easily cross behind your back without twisting the wrap, thereby eliminating possibly uncomfortable pressure points.

Tiny butterfly middle markers mark the center of each of these wraps to help you find the center easily to begin to wrap.  There is a butterfly on each the top and bottom edge of the center.

Neobulle wraps are manufactured in France.  The business was created by two mothers who were determined to develop products to help parents and benefit children, products that would adhere to their specific sense of ethics in terms of both the environment and the physiology, well-being, and comfort of babies and parents. Neobulle is a company that I am proud to be in business with.




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