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Mei Tai Back Carry

mei tai


Mei Tai back carry step 1 Step 1. Put the body of the mei tai behind your standing toddler, or sit/lay baby on the body of the mei tai. Bring the two long (shoulder) straps around to the front under baby’s armpits, and hold them in your right hand.
Step 2. Put your left hand on baby’s arm or leg to guide, and lift baby up by the straps in the right hand (make very sure the mei tai is tightly around baby’s body so that baby cannot fall out. Swing baby around to your right shoulder. Mei Tai back carry step 2
Mei Tai back carry step 3 Step 3. Now take the left strap in your left hand and bring it over your head to your left shoulder so that you have one strap in each hand, and baby is centered on your back. Keep in mind that your hold on those straps is supporting baby, so don’t let go!
Step 4. Now put both straps between your knees and clench tight to keep the mei tai tight and baby on your back. Reach back with both hands and locate the waist straps. Thread the waist straps under baby’s legs and around towards your front. Tie. Mei Tai back carry step 4
Mei Tai back carry step 5 Step 5. Now baby is sitting in a little seat. The shoulder straps are still important for keeping him up, though!
Step 6. Take the shoulder straps back in your hands. You can keep the straps under baby’s armpits (some older babies prefer having arms out) or bring the straps over baby’s shoulders. Either way, pull the straps up in the air (arms directly above your head) and bounce so that baby’s bottom settles down to the bottom of the mei tai, and so that the shoulder straps will be tight when you tie them. Mei Tai back carry step 6
Mei Tai back carry step 7 Step 7. Now pull the straps back down and either cross them over your chest, or pull them straight down under your armpits (backpack style) and around to the back.
Step 8. Now you will cross the straps between baby's legs. See which method works best for you. When wearing a newborn you must ensure that the straps come around the side of the carrier to prevent a small baby from falling out the sides.
  • Take the strap on your right side and cross it over baby's right leg, and under baby's left leg. Cross the left strap over baby's left leg and under baby's right leg.
  • Mei Tai back carry step 8 crossed
  • You can cross the straps high on baby's back, while still crossing between the legs as above. This may provide better support or be more comfortable.
  • Mei Tai back carry step 8 crossed high
  • Twisting the straps behind baby's back ensures that the straps stay high up on the back.
  • Mei Tai back carry step 8 twisted
    Mei Tai back carry step 9 Step 9. Bring the straps around to the front and tie at your waist.
    Step 10. Adjust the shoulder straps as needed--they should not be so close to your neck that they rub or dig in uncomfortably.
    Mei Tai back carry step 10

    When you are ready to bring baby down off your back, untie the shoulder straps, while leaving the waist straps tied. Uncross the shoulder straps behind baby and bring around to the front, keeping a firm grip at all times. Hold the shoulder straps in your left hand.

    getting down from the MT step 1
    Reach behind your back to put your right arm around baby. Once you are holding baby with your arm, release the straps in your left hand, and move your left arm in front of your body to the right to hold baby with your left arm. This frees up your right arm to move over baby's head, and grab baby from behind.
    getting down from the MT step 2
    Next thing you know you are holding baby in your arms in front of you. Now you can put baby down, and untie the waist straps at your leisure.
    getting down from the MT step 3



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