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Suse's KinderCoat:
an affordable, practical
babywearing coat for four seasons

Suse's Kindercoat front carry
Babywearing Kindercoat
Product Details
  • 3 in 1 system: fleece jacket, water resistant windbreaker or combine for winter coat
  • hidden hoods for baby and babywearer in each position
  • use with any baby carrier
  • newborns or toddlers   
  • front or back carries
  • to -25 degrees Fahrenheit

Click here to buy your KinderCoat

What is Suse's Kindercoat like in person?

This is the answer to cold weather babywearing, whether you like your wrap, ring sling, pouch, ergo, beco, mei tai or other baby carrier, and whether you are wearing your baby on your front or back. 

In Spring and Autumn you will enjoy the option of removing the fleece insert for a lighterweight babywearing jacket with all the same functionality--front or back carries, hoods in each position, etc.  The removable shell becomes a water resistant windbreaker to protect you and your baby from the elements when it's not very cold.  Put together, they become the all purpose winter coat!

Comes with a hidden, adjustable back opening for wearing over a back carry (with ingenious drawstring for adjusting the opening from the front), and two zip-in fleece inserts to use for front carries so you'll have a spare or can use to wear twins or multiples. 

Larger sizes work for men to wear as well, and the coat looks great worn without a baby and inserts, too, so you can get plenty of use out of it!

Due to customer feedback, the sleeves have been lengthened in the new 2010 version of this popular coat, the drawstrings are shorter, and the fleece and shell fabrics are both heavier to make a truly toasty combination. This coat should keep you warm to temperatures of about -25 F when worn with a sweatshirt underneath. The fleece inserts in each coat are black (several of the pictures below are from different batches but give you the idea).

Drawstrings: There is a drawstring below the waist to pull tight to keep baby's legs and feet warm--this drawstring is accessed in the hand pockets--and another drawstring at the bottom of the coat.  Drawstrings allow you to adjust the back opening from the front on both the fleece liner and the shell and this will help keep all the body heat the two of you are generating inside the coat so it doesn't escape and cold air doesn't come in.

Hoods: Front shell insert and front insert with shell and liner each has a built in hood for baby.  Hood for babywearer hidden in collar.  Hidden hood for baby in a back carry in the shell.

Inserts:  No insert is needed for a back carry.  The kindercoat comes with one front insert for the waterproof shell alone, one front insert with waterproof layer and fleece lining for use when really cold, and one half insert for use with the fleece liner only, when using as a lighter jacket (this one does not have fabric covering your chest between your baby's head and your neck as you would presumably be using both pieces if it was very cold).

Other functionality: Zippered vents underarms to allow plenty of airflow to your baby, even when the coat is closed over them.  Reflective strips on waist and arms. Inserts and liner/shell all zip easily together so you can customize the coat to that particular day's weather and carrying position.

Look through the pictures below to see front carries, back carries, baby with arms out of the coat, hoods on, carrying one on front AND one on back, wearing it as a regular coat without a baby, etc.  Or look for other winter babywearing options among our babywearing outerwear for weather protection.

  arms out back carry with babywearing kindercoat  front carry in babywearing coat in the rain with hoods on

babywearing coat front carry

wearing a kindercoat with no baby

Black Kindercoat babywearing coat back carry

Dad wearing baby in a babywearing coat  

wearing two in a kindercoat   kindercoat babywearing coat with hoods

inserts for kindercoat

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