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Front Wrap Cross Carry for Woven Wraps

Front Wrap Cross Carry with a woven wrap


On this page:

  • VIDEO: Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) with a Newborn and nursing upright
  • PHOTO TUTORIAL: Instructions for tying this carry using a woven wrap
  • PHOTO: Nursing an older baby in an upright position in the Front Wrap Cross Carry

This is the carry I recommend that new wrappers begin with.  It's a carry that is easy to get tightened around your baby for comfortable carrying, whether newborn, big baby, or toddler. These instructions are for use with a woven--not stretchy--wrap.

front wrap cross carry-step 1 Step 1. Find the middle of the wrap and place it in front of you.
Step 2. Bring the left side of the wrap around your back. front wrap cross carry-step 2
front wrap cross carry-step 3 Step 3. Bring the fabric over your right shoulder and let hang in front of you. Bring the right side of the wrap across your back to your left shoulder.
Step 4. Now the wrap is crossed in the back, and you have both ends hanging in front. front wrap cross carry-step 4
front wrap cross carry-step 5

Step 5. Slide baby into the center pocket. Baby’s legs should come out of the bottom (newborns may prefer to keep their legs in, folded in front of them in froggy position).


Step 6. Pull on the two ends to tighten this around baby so baby is held tightly against you. The wrap should be all the way under baby’s bottom to the knees, forming a seat.


Step 7. Hold baby with one hand. With your other hand, grab the end of the wrap on your right side, and pull across baby from baby’s left shoulder to right leg, then tuck under baby’s right leg. Pinched under baby’s leg, it should stay tight.


Step 8. Do the same with the fabric hanging over your left shoulder, spreading it from baby's right shoulder, to baby's left knee, making sure the fabric is also spread across baby's entire back and under baby's bottom.


Step 9. Now tighten the whole wrap by grabbing both wrap ends in either hand, jumping slightly to bounce baby’s weight off the wrap, and simultaneously pulling on both ends of the wrap to tighten everything up.




Step 10. And, finally, tie in the back at your waist.




Ready to go!



We nurse in this carry all the time. I just untie the knot, hold the two ends, and bounce Ada lower, then retie with Ada a little higher than breast level (she reaches down to nurse as older babies will). When done nursing I untie, bounce and tighten until she is high enough for me to kiss her forehead, then retie.

What Now?
  1. Get a quality woven wrap, if you don't already have one.
  2. Use the free DVD or the tutorials and videos on this website to get wrapped up.
  3. Find help and support through the Wrap Your Baby community on Facebook, or your local babywearing group.

Email me with any questions!