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Fleece Lined Baby Wearing Cover
Keeping Babies Warm in Baby Carriers

Fleece Babywearing Cover over back carry

Babywearing Cover
Product Details
  • 100% polyester fleece lining
  • PU lined nylon outer
  • use liner and outer separately or together
  • use with any carrier
  • pockets for babywearer
  • includes hoods for baby
  • newborn to 5 years old
  • wear on front or back

Click here to buy a Fleece Babywearing Cover

What is the Kinder Baby Wearing Cover really like?

This is a great, economical alternative to a babywearing coat.  The fleece lined baby wearing cover is put on over your wrap, mei tai, ring sling, or other carrier to provide a warm layer over both baby and carrier.  

This saves you having to bundle baby up in his own coat or bunting.  It is designed to fit over the carrier so you have no awkwardness trying to put a carrier over bulky clothes, or bulky clothes over a carrier. 

The babywearer can wear his or her own regular coat if wearing baby, carrier, and cover on the front, or can wear warm layers or a sweater or jacket under the carrier if wearing baby and carrier on the back, with the cover on.

In a front carry you will find that there are pockets for your hands built into the cover.  The cover has a unique zipper opening for extending the length so it grows with your baby and can even cover the long dangling legs of a five year old.

The black and red covers both have a cream colored fleece liner.  The fleece liner is removable and can be worn separately, while the water resistant outer cover can also be worn individually so you can fit the cover to the weather that day and not end up keeping your baby too warm, or too cool.  You can use the lined or unlined hood for baby as well and there is a removable headrest for baby, too.

This carrier cover has elastic on the sides to keep heat from escaping between you, and a drawstring closure around baby's legs to keep heat from going out the bottom.  It is put on with a strap around your waist, and shoulder straps crossed over your back (if wearing in front) or over your front (if back wearing) that buckle to the side of the cover.   

Find a wide array of winter babywearing solutions: babywearing outerwear for weather protection, including options to keep the babywearer AND baby cozy and warm, such as the beautiful, Swiss MamaPoncho.


staying warm in a front carry with the fleece lined baby carrier cover 

Baby Carrier Cover in a back carry





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