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Double Hammock Carry Variations
DHC Tutorials for Woven Wraps

Saltwater Double Hammock Carry with a Lenny Lamb woven wrap

On this page:

  • PHOTO TUTORIAL: How to do a Saltwater Finish with a Double Hammock Back Carry, demonstrated by Melissa.
  • VIDEO: How to do a Double Hammock Carry Tied at Shoulder (TAS) or with Candycane Chest Belt (CCCB)
  • VIDEO: Another way to do a DHC TAS, knotless finish, or candycane chestbelt.
  • VIDEO: How to do a Wendy's Double Hammock Carry with a shorter wrap.
  • VIDEO: How to do a Double Hammock Carry with sling rings.

Saltwater DHC step 1 - one wrap end goes under the chest pass

Double Hammock Carry
with a Saltwater Finish

SIZING: base size +1 (size 7 for most moms)
or with a shorter wrap tie under baby's bottom at step 5 instead of bringing around to the front to tie

Step 1.

Follow the steps for a regular Double Hammock Carry, but this time you'll wrap the horizontal chest pass right over the short end that is hanging down.  When you get baby in two rebozo (hammock) passes and both ends coming over your shoulders it should look like this.

Step 2.

Feed the other wrap end underneath the first.  In this picture the wrap coming over her right shoulder went under the chest pass and the wrap coming over her left shoulder is pulled through so that it is under the other wrap end, making a cross.

Saltwater DHC step 2 - pull second end under first
Saltwater DHC step 3 - the first twist

Step 3.

Pull both wrap ends down, one is under the chest pass, one is over the chest pass.

Step 4.

Switch hands and pull each end to the opposite side to make another twist in the two wrap ends.
Saltwater DHC step 4 - the second twist
Saltwater DHC step 5 - cross wrap over baby's legs

Step 5.

Bring the wrap ends around to your back, over your baby's legs, and switch hands.

Step 6.

Make a cross with the wrap ends, bringing the ends under each of baby's legs.

Saltwater DHC step 6 - cross between baby's legs
Saltwater DHC step 7 - bring wrap ends to front

Step 7.

Bring the wrap ends back around to the front.  This creates a cross under baby with each wrap end going over one leg and under the next.

Step 8.

Tie the two wrap ends in a double knot at your waist (a single knot like the one in this picture may allow the carry to become loose).  Adjust the wrap on your shoulders to a comfortable spot.

Saltwater DHC step 8 - tie in front



(off-center) Double Hammock Carry TAS (tied at shoulder)
or DHC w/CCCB (candy cane chestbelt)

(centered) Double Hammock Carry TAS (tied at shoulder),
knotless finish, or candy cane chestbelt

This video demonstrates a Double Hammock variation that begins with the center of the wrap over your baby and can be done with one wrap size shorter than is needed for a Full Double Hammock. Wrapping Rachel shows how you can do any one of three different finishes to this carry: a DH TAS, a DH with a knotless finish or buleria finish (knotless DH), or a DH with a candy cane chest belt (DHCCCB) if you have enough wrap length. 

Wendy's Double Hammock Carry, knotless finish

Wendy's Double Hammock variation includes cross passes that cross between your baby's legs, instead of just rebozo passes that are customary in the regular Double Hammock Carry, which go over both of your baby's legs.  Like other back carries that can be tied at shoulder (TAS), this one can also be finished with a knotless finish or candycane chestbelt. 

Double Hammock Carry with rings

This dad shows how a Double Hammock Carry can be done with a much shorter wrap by using two sling rings to secure it. 

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