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Double Hammock Carry for Woven Wraps
(Chunei Back Carry)

Chunei Back Carry with gauze wrap

On this page:

  • VIDEO: Double Hammock Carry (DHC) with a newborn baby.
  • VIDEO: Double Hammock Carry with a big kid.
  • PHOTO TUTORIAL: How to wrap around a baby in a Double Hammock Back Carry.

Tutorials for several Double Hammock Variations

Double Hammock Carry, step 1

Step 1.

Find the middle of the wrap (in my left hand) and run your hand about two feet down from the middle to find the part you will place on baby's back.

Step 2.

Put baby on your back by any method.  I'm showing the hip scoot under my right arm with the wrap already on her back.

Double Hammock Carry, step 2
Double Hammock Carry, step 3

Step 3.

Using both hands, center baby on your back, pushing her high enough to see over your shoulder (and even a little higher because baby is likely to sink lower as you wrap).

Step 4.

Bring the short end of the wrap over your shoulder. 

With your other hand make sure the bottom edge of the wrap is not caught on baby's feet and tucks up under baby's bottom (extending from one knee to the other).  Gently, push baby's legs into a froggied position with knees higher than bottom as you do this.

Double Hammock Carry, step 4
Double Hammock Carry, step 5

Step 5.

Bring the long end of the wrap under your opposite arm (my left).  Holding the top edge of the wrap, bring it straight across your torso, and bring the short wrap end down over it to hold between your knees.

Step 6.

Bring the top edge back behind your back and hand to your other hand.  Holding the top edge in both hands, lay the wrap high over baby's back.

Double Hammock Carry, step 6
Double Hammock Carry, step 7

Step 7.

Use one hand (my right) to feed the wrap around and pull the fabric tight across your front.  Use your other hand to pull the top edge of the wrap tight across baby's back. Use your hands to make sure the bottom edge of the wrap is tucked up to baby's knees and not covering baby's feet.

Step 8.

Pull upward on both ends at once to tighten the wrap around your front and both passes over baby.  Do not pull forward but straight upward and to the side in a V shape.

Double Hammock Carry, step 8
Double Hammock Carry, step 9

Step 9.

Bring both ends straight down under your arms to form rucksack straps.

Step 10.

Bring the strap over baby's legs and cross by handing each strap to the opposite hand.

Double Hammock Carry, step 10
Double Hammock Carry, step 11

Step 11.

Now bring each of the ends under baby's legs.

Step 12.

Tie in front.

Double Hammock Carry, step 12

Chunei Back Carry, side view   Chunei Back Carry with Tara Bali Baby Breeze

Chunei Back Carry, back view

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